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About Us

Aim and Purpose:

The primary aim of CHPS is to improve the Health and Population indicators of Pakistan by improving the service delivery systems of the country.  The Centre hopes to achieve this through filling an important national gap/need for the supply of specialized human resource in the area of public health and social sciences. It also hopes to broaden the existing scope of graduate studies & research in this field.  This will result in better health delivery and contribute towards building an equitable society. 


  • To Provide trained human resource in the area of health and social sciences. 
  • To Broaden the existing scope of graduate studies health and social sciences.
  • To Conduct research on health and social science issues

Organizational Structure

The Centre is run by a parent company, called Zarina Yazdani Khan Alliance (ZYK Alliance), with a Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is the main financier of the Centre. It also has the patronage and support of persons who have earned high distinction in their chosen fields and are well known for their service to the country.

The Location

chps-front.gifCHPS, in Lahore, is located at a very convenient place adjacent to the Children Library Complex on Race Course Road. Couched in the evergreen surroundings, CHPS gets its mail addressed at 2/5 – A, Chamba Lane, G.O.R-1, Lahore. The surroundings provide picturesque and healthy environment. Whereas Bagh-e-Jinnah is at a five minutes walking distance and by taking another five minutes through the garden one can reach the Quaid-e-Azam Library. This is one of the most modern libraries located in Bagh-e-Jinnah, facing the Mall. The visits to this place become multipurpose and extremely enjoyable (picture of Lahore building here).
In Islamabad, CHPS office is also located within lush green surroundings and easy distance from the new Comsats University and other seats of learning all along Park road, Chattha Bakhtawar (after Chak Shahzad), Islamabad.

CHPS Facilities

CHPS Conference RoomCHPS has a fully equipped conference room, with multi –media etc. for holding of meetings, workshops and other events. 


CHPS prides itself on a distinguished library which houses more than 1800 books and this number is increasing rapidly.  It is located at the Lahore Head Office.  Addition of books and related journals i.e. WHO, UNICEF publications etc. are constantly being made. Along with books, it has latest CDs on medicine and related fields. Video films are also available.

CHPS library also has a wide variety of a general interest magazines, Newspapers, and reports of international ratings. The library facilities are available to the students from morning till evening on every working day.

All text and reserved reference material such as books, periodicals, journals and research reports, that form part of the library collection, are available to the students for reading inside the library. However, for exploring relevant articles and allied material from journals etc. requests are entertained.

CHPS subscribes to a variety of magazines/journals of Public Health, Health Administration as well as of general interest. Some are as follows:

  • Epidemiological Bulletin
  • Medical Herald
  • Bulletin of the WHO
  • Medicine Digest
  • Population Bulletin
  • Child Health Dialogue
  • Sexual Health Exchange
  • The Journal of Noninvasive Cardiology
  • Health in Emergencies
  • Research into Action
  • American Journal of Public Health
  • Journal of the American Society of Hematology
  • Total Health Care for Women
  • The journal of Infectious Diseases
  • Promotion Education
  • Spider, etc.

Audio & Video Library

CHPS library is distinguished from other traditional library that only includes books. We are building up a video and CD-ROM library. Presently, we have CDs available on tropical diseases developed by WELLCOME, UK and videos on various topics of public health.

CHPS Achievements

The achievements of the Centre are in line with its stated aims and objectives; these are summarized below:

  1. CHPS has successfully recruited and trained 4 batches of Masters in Public Health (MPH) and one batch of Master’s in Health Administration (MHA) at the Lahore campus. Centre’s main programme consisted of MPH, a one year degree course.  Majority of the students, almost 70 %, were drawn from the public health sector including in-service personnel from the Department of Health, Education, and the Health Services of the Pakistan Army.  Others were from Non- Governmental Organizations working in the health and development sector. 
  2. After graduation, many students are working in international and donor organizations and national policy making bodies, in the public and private sector.
  3. In order to provide the students with an overview of the vast expanse of the field of public health, CHPS has regularly arranged for speakers from international and national organizations to deliver talks to them. Speakers from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) resident mission in Islamabad, from the International Labour Organization (ILO) office in New Delhi; the Director General (DG) Health Services, Punjab; Director Maternal Child Health (MCH), Punjab; and Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Zurich, Switzerland; have talked to the students.  The Dean of School of Public Health, Dr. Richard Kurz, University of St Louis, USA, visited the Centre in 1999. 
  4. The Centre has developed strong links with a large pool of local experts and utilizes their services as visiting faculty. These include people from various organizations e.g., PCSIR, Department of Labour, UNICEF, UNFPA etc.
  5. In the past, CHPS has successfully placed students for internships.  Three students joined the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) office, with the Project officer for HIV/AIDS & TB DOTS.
  6. Research conducted at the Centre, has been spread over different fields (for further details, kindly refer to CHPS website  Also, apart from that, students have successfully completed their thesis work.  The Centre also conducted a small survey about the hospitals and laboratories in the Lahore municipal limits, in September 2001.
  7. The Centre has managed to successfully develop and conduct short courses in the field of Research Methodology, Hospital Administration and Health Management. 
  8. Some of the following have been visiting faculty at the Centre; 
     Dr. Hanif, PCSIR, Lahore.
     Dr. Qamar Mian, Principal, Regional Training Institute, GOP. Lahore
     Dr. Abrar Ahmad, Labour Dept, Punjab, Lahore.
     Ms. Bushra S. Hassan, Shiekh Zayed Hospital, Lahore.
     Dr. Naseer Nizamani, UNICEF, Lahore
  9. Also, the Centre was successful in establishing field training through the Department of Health Punjab & non-governmental organization i.e. the Mother & Child Welfare Association, Pakistan.

CHPS Partners, Past and Present

CHPS Partners meetingSkill Development Council (SDC), Lahore, Pakistan; 
SDC, a project of Ministry of Labour and Manpower, Govt. of Pakistan, the World Bank, the International Labour Organization (ILO), and Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP); SDC signed a memorandum of association (MOU) for a 3-year period in 2000 with CHPS, to work together in the field of human resource development in the health sector.

partners-about-chps.gifJPC for women, Lahore;

In 2000, the Job Placement and Counseling for Women Project, a GTZ funded project in Lahore, collaborated with CHPS in research on female paramedic requirements in Lahore city.

Sardar Ranjha Khan Trust Hospital (SRKTH), Sargodha district;

Established by the family of Dr. Khalid Ranjha, the SRKTH trust provides eye health services to people of Sargodha Dist.  CHPS provided technical support in establishing mother & child health services to the catchment population of the hospital. 

partners-about-chps-1.gifFatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore;

In 2001, CHPS conducted a workshop on Human Resource Management for the Anatomy Department, FJMC, Lahore.  

Sustainable Development Policy Institute;

CHPS conducted a 3 day course eon Population Policy for the SDPI, Pakistan, in 2002 in Islamabad.  It was attended by media people and other stakeholders

Shirkat Gah, Lahore;

Training with SGCHPS has regularly provided technical consultancy services and collaborated in research with Shirkat Gah, Pakistan, from 1997 to date. 

Leadership Development Mechanism (LDM), Pakistan;

LDM and CHPS have a long history of collaboration.  LDM is a Packard Foundation funded initiative in Pakistan and it supports Leadership Development in Reproductive Health.  CHPS has collaborated with LDM 2001 in various capacities.

Population Leadership Programmme (PLP), USA;

Also a Packard Foundation funded initiative has been associated with CHPS since 2003 in different capacities

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