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Faculty & Staff


  • Dean & Professor : Dr. Muhammad Anwar, Ph.D.
    staff-1.jpgDr. Muhammad Anwar is Dean of CHPS.  He ompleted his Ph.D from the University of Toronto, Canada in 1978.  He has vast experience in teaching and research in Pakistan and abroad.  He entered his profession in 1963 as a Lecturer in the Department of Rural Sociology at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1979 – 1984. He joined the Department of Sociology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, in 1984 and left the Dept. as its Professor/Chairman in 1997.  He was the Director, Social Science Research Centre from 1997 – 2000.  Currently, amongst others, he is the visiting Professor at Department of Sociology, Institute of Business and Information Technology, and Institute of Administrative Sciences, University of the Punjab.
    In Canada, he has enjoyed seasonal appointments from 1975-1978 at the following: Department of Sociology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario; Department of Sociology, Laurention University, Sudbury, Ontario; Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.  In his professional career, he produced a voluminous number of research reports, research papers, papers for conferences, books etc;
  • Ass. Professor: Dr. Noreen Zaffar: M.B.B.S. (Gold Medallist), FRCOG (London), Certified Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, UK. 
    dr-naureen-zafar.gifDr Noreen Zafar is a veteran obstetrics & gynaecology consultant practicing in Pakistan for the past 8 years prior to which she was serving in UK. She holds M.R.C.O.G., London, F.R.C.O.G. London and is UK trained and Certified Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Throughout her academic career she has been an outstanding student awarded with many distinctions and Gold Medals. Currently she is working as Gynaecology Consultant at Doctors Hospital & Medical Centre, Lahore which is a state of the art health care centre exclusively for girls & women of all ages.

  • International Honors
    FIGO International Fellowship granted by American College of Obstetricians and Gyanecologists, Washington, USA and International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in June 2000 to attend Pre Congress Workshop and FIGO congress in Washington DC, USA in Sept 2000.
    Received a grant of £2000 from Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London, “Overseas Fund”, in 2001 to visit Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology unit in Liverpool, UK.
    Awarded “Bernhard Baron Traveling Fellowship” by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London in Nov 2002 to visit Dr. Sarah Creighton’s Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology unit in the University College Hospital, London, in summer of 2003
    Elected member of RCOG Pakistan representative committee in 2004s
    “National Women Award” for recognition of extra – ordinary services in the field of girls and women health on 4th August 2007 in Lahore.Her prime interest is to promote awareness among Pakistani girls and women bout the concept of entire well being and wellness . Her mission is to provide health care at international standards in a pleasant atmosphere. The intention is only not to see women with illnesses but also provide help and resources to improve the quality of life and health of all who visit us.
  • Ass. Professor : Dr. Saman Yazdani Khan, 
    M.B.B.S, Master in Public Health (MPH), M.Sc.Community Health.
    dr-saman.jpgDr. Saman Yazdani Khan founded and established the Centre for Health and Population Studies, (CHPS),

    Pakistan in 1999.  She has been the Director of the same since then (with breaks).  CHPS is the first of its kind in the private sector inPakistan.  She has been involved in research, teaching and curriculum development for different topics related to Public Health.  Also she has looked after the administrative aspects of CHPS, including linking with other organizations, at the international, national and regional levels, and looking at the financial and operative level issues of the institute.
    Dr. Khan’s has extensive international experience which has been very useful for the work and development of CHPS, particularly given the conditions and situation of certain section of women in Pakistan, despite the advances of the last 50 years. Dr. Khan has been deeply involved with the WHO programs to improve the health condition of women, particularly in relation to reproductive rights. For instance, she was the Environmental Health Training Officer and Reproductive Health Focal Person, World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Cell,Islamabad, Pakistan 2005-2006.  At WHO, she assisted in developing, monitoring and evaluating maternal and neonatal country activities, within the framework of the National Strategy for Reproductive Health. This was carried out in coordination with concerned UN and International agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders.  Dr. Khan has also experience in liaising with other UN agencies, including UNICEF. During 1998, she was the UNICEF Program Officer for Health and Nutrition. In addition to WHO and UNICEF, she has worked with several international organizations such as KfW Bank, the David and Lucille Packard foundation and Oxfam.
    Dr. Khan has organized and participated in a large number of international conferences and workshops on matters related to reproductive rights, women’s health and population issues. Her engagement has included speaking, preparing and participating in workshops on sensitive issues like gender equality, child marriages, abortion and HIV/AIDS inPakistan. She has also promoted the Millennium Development Goals and other matters related to sustainable development. Dr. Khan has been outspoken in her views, including in radio programs and in newspapers. Her research has covered a variety of topics related to these matters, some of which has been presented internationally. Among these, it can be highlighted “Gender vulnerabilities in contracting HIV/AIDS in Pakistan” presented at the 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health, November 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has also developed the Training manual on Social Development for Public Sector Decision Makers, for UNICEF, Lahore.Currently she is working with Shirkat Gah, a research and advocacy organization focused on Women. This and her current teaching activities at CHPS are related to her training and background. Dr. Khan is M.B.B.S., from Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan, and Master in Public Health from Karachi University, Pakistan. Moreover, she has a M.Sc. in Community Health from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. In addition, she has had numerous teaching experiences. For instance, during the late 1990’s she was the Program organizer and Assistant Professor at the MPH Program of the Pakistan American Institute of Management Sciences, Lahore. Amongst her different honours and awards, Dr. Khan has also recently been associated with the Stockholm Challenge as an international jurist.  Her engagement with the Challenge Award is highlighted by her background and her interest in health issues, women and reproductive rights, as well a balanced global development viewpoint.


  • Dr. Aisha Y Malik.
    MB; BS, M.phil (Haem), MSc (Global Ethics).
    Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. trust biomedical ethics D.Phil studentship grant at University of Oxford.
    Research title: ‘Ethics of research from the perspective of developing countries-Pakistan as a case study’.

    Teaching experience: seventeen years teaching haematology/pathology to undergraduate medical students.
    Professional experience: thirteen  years  as a  haematologist/pathology.


    H Rafiq, M Aziz, R Khurshid, Malik AY, R Zia,and A Hayee, 2003 ‘Infiltration of Bone marrow in Solid Tumours’ in Biomedica July-Dec.pp.29-32.

    Malik AY, Malik TH, Hayee A  2001 ‘Coagulation disorders in patients with carcinoma of the hepatobiliary and pancreatic system’,  in Journal of Surgeons of Pakistan (International) Vol. 6, No.1: pp.19-23.

    Malik A, Gulerana, Malik AY. 2000’ Weight reduction and its effect on lipid profile’, in Medical Forum, Vol. 11, No. 7, pp.1-3.

    Malik AY, Amjad F, Haq S, Haye A, 1999 ‘Acquired coagulopathies in acute and chronic liver disease among females’,in Mother and Child, Vol. 37, No. 4,pp.119-126.

    Amjad F, Haq S, Malik AY, 1999 ‘Serum ferritin levels in pregnant women’, in Mother and Child,  Vol. 37, No. 3.

    Haq S, Amjad F, Malik AY, 1999, ‘A Quantitative analysis of circulating tumour markers in epithelial Tumours’, in Mother and Child, Vol. 37, No. 3.:

    Accepted for publication:

    1.    Physician-Researchers’ experiences of the consent processin the socio-cultural milieu of a     developing country’ (AJOB, primary research).

    2. International collaborative trials and the declaration of Helsinki: article 32 ought to     be
    made unequivocal .Indian Journal Of Medical Ethics (IJME).


    1. ‘Surrogate decision making: rethinking autonomy in a globalized world’.

    Papers in progress.

    Consent documentation: empirical exploration of the local practise.

    Principle of autonomy in research: how does it figure?

    Conference Presentations:

    ‘Ethical dilemmas in the globalisation of clinical trials from the perspective of developing country researchers: Pakistan as a Case Study’. Paper presention at the Human Welfare Conference II at Green Templeton College, Oxford, UK. 9, 10th May 2009.

    ‘Principle of Autonomy in Research – how does it figure?’. Poster presentation at Islam and Bioethics Conference at Ankara University, Turkey. 13-16th April 2010.

    ‘Research ethics in the socio-cultural milieu of a developing country’. Paper presentation at the Fifth Postgraduate Bioethics Conference Social Scientific Approaches to Bioethics: Methods and Methodologies, London 5-7th January 2011.

    Roundtable Discussant for ‘Where Religion, Policy, and Bioethics Meet: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Islamic Bioethics and End-of-Life care.’
    At University Of Michigan Ann Arbor 10-11th April 2011.


    Bioethics beyond borders (resource expert).
    Global health ethics group.
    Lahore bioethics group.


  • staff-3.jpg(Volunteer) Director: Dr. Saman Yazdani Khan, M.B.B.S, MPH, M.Sc.
  • Coordinator: Wahid Khan
  • Accounts Office: Muhammad Ali
  • Communications and Media: Reza Ali
  • Helper: William
  • Night Watchman: Mr. Muhammad Jehangir

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